Admission Procedure


The purpose of this policy is to outline the procedures applying to student admissions at Excel Education. It is an essential part of the college’s quality assurance programme to ensure that correct procedures are clearly understood and followed in order to comply with the interests of all stakeholders:

  • Students
  • Recruitment agents
  • UK Immigration Service (UKBA)
  • The College

College Information

It is important that prospective students are completely au fait with the college, its location, facilities, courses, fees policy, etc. Much of this information is accessible via the college’s website and written prospectus. This enables prospective students to make a reasonable judgment as to whether LA is the right college for them.

Further information will be provided by the Administrator and/or Principal when the student arrives in person at the college. The college takes care to ensure students are fully informed in terms of courses available, course content, assessment procedures, opportunities for progression, etc. Most importantly, prior to payment of course fees, students are made fully aware of the college’s fees and refunds policy. They are also made aware of their obligations regarding class attendance.

Procedures for Students applying for admission to Excel Education

  • Students can apply for a course at Excel Education in several ways:
  1. By completing an application form at the college
  2. Submitting an application form online
  3. Through an accredited agent (the application form has to be completed and the presence of the student at the college will be required).
  • Students are advised to be in the UK 3-7 days prior to the commencement of the course / programme induction. All students must have full bone fide contact details for the UK. These must include genuine and operational UK addresses, land line and / or mobile numbers, e-mails and In Case of Emergency (ICE) / Next of Kin contact details. Any students who, except at the discretion of the Principal and appropriate personnel at Excel Education are not able to commence a given course or programme on time must be deferred.
  • Students applying from overseas will need to send scanned documentation to the college via email. This will comprise the following:
    • Application form
    • Copy of passport
    • Copy of academic transcripts
  • Once students reach Excel Education, they should:
    • Complete an application form (if not already submitted)
    • Provide 2 recent, passport size photographs.
    • Show their original passport and academic qualifications/ transcripts used for obtaining admission.
  • The College Administrator will check the application form and contact the applicant if further information regarding his/her educational and professional background is required.
    An administrator takes the student’s documents and passport, makes copies and verifies that the student has shown the originals by signing and stamping each copy.
  • The College administrator answers the student’s queries and may refer him/her to other members of management team for further information if required.
  • When the Administrator ensures that the student meets entry requirements for their chosen course, the College issues an offer letter.
  • The student has options to request arrangement of accommodation and/or airport pickup in the application form. In case of accommodation, Excel Education will assist the student by referring him/her to the accommodation agency – Hosts International Ltd. In case of the airport pick up, Excel Education will provide the student with this service.
  • If the student has any special requirements (disability, learning difficulty, etc.) the College will take this into consideration and all the necessary measures will be taken to accommodate the student’s needs.
  • The college issues the invoice
  • When the student makes the payment and the College receives confirmation, the College issues the enrolment letter for the student, which states that the student is registered on the selected course.
  • All data regarding the student and the course of studies is entered into the computer system after the application is received and is updated after the payment is made.
  • The student attends an induction
  • The student starts the chosen course.
  • The Student’s documentation is completed and the file regularly updated.

Policy Review
This policy and procedure will be reviewed as and when required, and in accordance with UKBA regulations