Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Customer Service

This qualification is suitable for learners aged 16 and above. This qualification provides the underpinning knowledge required by employees to work in a range of customer service roles. Learners will have essential knowledge of how to carry out tasks such as managing information and supporting events. This qualification is suitable for use within a Study Programme.

Mandatory units

  1. Principles of Customer Service and Delivery (Y/507/5967 )
  2. Understand Customers (D/507/5968)
  3. Understand Employer Organisations (A/507/5895)

Optional units

  1. Understand How to Communicate with Customers (H/507/5969)
  2. Understand How to Communicate with Customers Using the Telephone (Y/507/5970)
  3. Understand How to Handle Customer Information (D/507/5971)
  4. Understand How to Deliver Customer Service Online (H/507/5972)
  5. Understand How to Resolve Problems and Deliver Customer Service to Challenging Customers (K/507/5973)
  6. Understand How to Handle Objections, Promote Additional Products or Services and Close Sales (M/507/5974)
  7. Understand How to Develop Customer Relationships (T/507/5975)
  8. Understand How to Process Sales Orders and Provide Post Transaction Customer Service (A/507/5976)
  9. Principles of Equality and Diversity in the Workplace (K/507/5911)
  10. Understand How to Develop Working Relationships with Colleagues (F/507/5896)

Key Facts

Level: 2

Age Entry: 16

GLH: 180

TQT: 200